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The Agile Leadership Institute brings together my passions for 
- helping managers improve their organisations and, 
- researching how to make organisations more effective. 
Without leadership there is no improvement; so it is crucial that managers at every level develop their agile leadership skills.
Doctoral Researcher & Founder A-L.I

Russ G Lewis

Agile leader, practitioner, founder
Russ G Lewis


I am on a mission to improve the world of work. I've been privileged to love what I do and want everyone to have as much satisfaction as possible from their work. That includes doing meaningful, valuable, and respectable activities in a psychologically and physically safe environment.

My Background

I'm a self-taught guy.  

You see, like most people, I learn by doing.

I learn when I’m doing something that has a tangible outcome.

Because that’s how I encounter real-world obstacles that make me think about the problem and act to find or develop solutions.

So far, there's not been many things I haven't been able to learn, although jazz guitar is still beyond me!

Formal learning

The last formal teaching I had was as an apprentice at Rolls-Royce in Bristol, UK. I loved the practical skills we learned in the workshops and foundries.

In my last month there I learned computer programming from Don Alcock’s book. He drew bugs where learners were likely to make mistakes, so I learned it was OK to create bugs, as long as you fixed them.

Forty years later, I’m improving my skills with Oxygen Builder and custom types in Wordpress by building this site for A-L.I.


My doctorate (transdisciplinary studies) is on the ways managers overcome barriers to improvement, my Master's was in Organisational Agility, and I am a qualified professional coach.

However, I have no qualifications in IT yet designed and built TfL's contactless fares engine used 15 million times a day by passengers in London, wrote courses on web services and software development, and taught thousands of attendees for Learning Tree International.


Sharing "How to"

What gives me more pleasure than self-learning is helping others to learn by doing.

When I do coaching, digital, and agile transformation activities right, I help managers solve their real-world problems, collaboratively. Reg Revans called this Action Learning.

It's always thrilling, because I have no answers, only a process of co-inquiry and facilitation.

Solutions emerge, unpredictably.

Emergence is the outcome that matters. 

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