Tensions in Organizations

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Coding tensions in the organizational ambidexterity literature
There are always decisions: Add and feature or improve performance, ship today or run more tests, buy or rent, do a coaching course or stick to the skills you have?

Within decisions and paradoxes are tensions. Usually healthy, always pulling on us. 
I am looking for those tensions in the peer-reveiwed literature, and coding them.

The commonest tension is a competition (for resources) to "explore" new opportunities or "exploit" existing investments. Firms must take the profits from their existing investments (short-term exploitation) and also innovate to avoid future obsolecence. 

Most scholars cite (March, 1991), but I prefer the later paper (Levinthal & March, 1993). It too has a great summary of the problem of balancing the pursuit of new knowledge with exploiting things already known, plus it explains the mechanisms that create inertia and short-termism in organizations.

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